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David Watson 12/11/09 The Role of a Stress Counselor during these times!

This evening David discusses the role of a Stress Counselor and how we are bombarded with stress in our lives, from an outside source as well as our own individual belief system that creates problems when we are trying to create the life we are wanting. He talks about the impact of 9/11 on our planet and the stress and control this has created and how this impacts our lives daily. We discuss the H1N1 Virus and how the cure may be worse than the origin. We discuss different modalities that can assist us to release our limitiing beliefs that are impacting our lives daily. We aslo discuss how the biggest problem stems around not having a healthy dose of Self Love and acceptance. This show is an insightful look at how we can work towards creating a healthy balance within ourselves, to shift the energies around us. So that we are working towards a balance in our lives. And looking at discovering peace within. David offers many techniques to create change in our unconscious mind as well as assist us to realize how the world around us impacts our thoughts and stress. A very insightful interview.