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David Watson 2nd Tues of the Month

Every 2nd Friday each month, I will be co-hosting with David. Listen here or or my YouTube Station.
David Watson is a gifted Deep-Trance Channeler who has been channeling a Soul Group called the Willows since 1986. David works in the style of Edgar Cayce. From a deep trance state he answers questions and queries about health, relationships, spiritual matters, past lives, career and much more.

The Willows are a Group of Entities who claim their numbers from both the physical and ethereal planes. David is also a practicing psychotherapist specializing in stress counseling and soul purpose work. Whether he is channeling, teaching or working one-on-one with a client David is called to help others touch the creative source within – to know the true freedom of being.

What Secret?

Emotional Balancing and the importance of opening to new modalities that enable us to take charge of our lives – specifically NLP and Psych-K which are the keys to self mastery – are essential to creating beliefs that attract what we really want and need.
David shares techniques to create and integrate beliefs that can change our lives.

David has a Toronto Office.

David and I have been doing YouTube videos and audio for 2014, when we moved over to

News For The Heart: with David Watson on Power of Love (2) Aug 15, 2014

Power of Love: July 15, 2014

STRESS: June 27, 2014

On the 3% May 27, 2014

Discussed Free Will April 30, 2014


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Discovering our Inner Wisdom.
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