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Corona Fear

I’ve been consciously observing for a great deal of time. At Intuitive Soul I like to inspire Hope, Love, Spiritual Growth and Consciousness in my listeners and clients. From a place of observance and presence I know that we have a new bully on the planet. And when it comes to consciousness we have choices and responsibility on what to do about bullies. We can blame this on the generally-considered source of the problem or on the bully who seemed to be unwilling to take action until the virus was spread for weeks … or we can remember that everything happens for a reason. We aren’t victims. We have a choice! But right now we are choosing fear and that only adds to more fear, manipulation and control – great tools in the hands of bullies whether the bullies are seemingly natural elements in nature or the seemingly unnatural non-loving people.

We know that from experience that we can’t change others. We can’t make others responsible for their own fears or choices. We can’t fix, change, heal or help others unless they are in a place to accept: to accept that change only happens within – within themselves. Our current predicament is probably one of the greatest challenges we have ever experienced and it is creating some interesting options for us. We want to be informed yet we choose to watch the fear that is being manipulated to create more and more fear and this, whether intentional or not, makes us fall victim to this devastation that is being manipulated all around us. We are being asked to socially isolate ourselves. An interesting option since when we feel alone we make further fearful decisions and we feel our choices are being taken away from us – it creates a feeling of powerlessness. Is Life the Bully? If there is a sense of ‘victim’ there is no doubt lurking a ‘bully’. What is the reason for all this, for all this chaos and fear? Why are we here at this precipice right now? Is it for Love? Or is it for something that creates more fear even?

This fear is massively impacting the world financially. Money seems to have much to it that attracts fear. This pandemic will make most of us suffer financially (not to mention what is happening in the markets) and when our livelihood is in jeopardy – we panic. We just have to look at the grocery stores to see what is occurring. There is no energy that has the greatest potential to consume us and create devastating consequences except for fear that threatens our survival. And this is fear at its very source. This is Darkness and it is here to show us the way to either go deeper into the fear or to make new illuminated/enlightened choices. We need to know that we have a choice.

The reports out there are crippling. We may not see any relief until the summer – that is more than a season away. In most cases the virus looks and feels similar to any flu and it has even been proven that its death rate is relatively low. The problem is that it takes weeks to be healed and it is estimated that half the population will succumb to the virus! How do we remain positive, hopeful and loving in this current environment? How do we grow up when something like this is hanging over us and seems to  be crushing our spirits?

We stop – we Breathe – and we Let GO.

We stop listening, watching and participating in the fear that is being dispersed. Yes it is quickly spreading and it is devastating but we now know the steps we need to take. Continuously watching the death toll rising and the devastation that is occurring all around the world isn’t going to help anyone. Feeding into the fear that is being propagated won’t change, fix, heal or help You or anyone! It just adds to the fear. It is debilitating to us. We need to make different choices. We need to choose to realign with our Inner Being and the Gentle Guidance that reminds us that everything is perfect. Does that mean that we don’t seek help if we are actually infected or do nothing and spread the virus? NO! We need to take responsibility and not be irresponsible. We have to take responsibility for our actions especially if they are contributing to the debilitating fear surrounding us. And we have to STOP the fear. The thing is we can’t stop it outside us – the fear that resides in our friends, family or colleagues. We can only stop it within us. We need to remember to be part of the solution – which is to Grow UP and this means that we Love, we choose Love. We need to take time every day to connect to the Inner Divine Being that we are. And let’s spread healing and Love towards everyone we meet and know. Let’s allow the Gentle Guidance within each and every one of us guide and encourage us to accept who and where we are on this journey. Let’s choose Love!

Breathe – The one thing that everyone needs to know is how this virus is spreading. Is it in the air? Well, yes and no: it is spread through the respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing – by either inhaling these droplets directly or indirectly from our hands touching a surface that the droplet has contaminated and then touching our face. However, when I discuss breathing, it is breathing meant to relax us. It means taking a moment and consciously breathe and enter the present – instead of focusing on the past or future worries. It means alowing us to create a connection to our Divine Essence within. It means slowing down and establishing whether we are in a state of fear or consciously choosing our responses so that we can Grow through Love. It means stepping back and evaluating where we are and how we consciously choose to BE.

Let Go – This is probably one of the areas we are challenged with the most. We hold onto everything that has ever happened to us. We hold onto the stories we have that we believe define us. Let me remind you that these ‘stories’ are our fears. And these stories, these fears, were created before the age of seven when we were emotionally, physically and mentally unprepared to deal with our fears or make conscious choices. Now we can. It is our responsibility to acknowledge the fears that hold us in our patterns. This virus has the potential to manifest as our greatest fears. So how will we respond? Can we NOT let these fears relate to the ‘stories’ we have within us? Can we remember we aren’t victims of some bully real or imagined and that we can choose how we respond to everything happening around us? This may be our greatest test of whether we are grown up or allowing fear to dictate our responses. What is your choice?

I want to Be conscious of what is happening right now to the world around us. And I want to take responsibility for whether I am contributing to the fear or radiating Love, Acceptance and Joy. I choose Love! And I invite you to join me – Be responsible, gentle and take care of yourself and others where needed. Be conscious of your choices and actions. And remember to share LOVE. Mostly I feel Grateful and Blessed for You my listeners, viewers, friends and family. It is important to remember that we are not alone and in fact we are One actually and we will become Conscious together. No fears. No bullies. No unreal stories. Just Love. Can you feel it?