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Consciousness of Happiness

I feel like we have come to a very important threshold for the year of 2020 – the Year of Ascension and Spiritual Growth that I wrote about at the beginning of the year. As we come to the end of the year all the planets align to create more Happiness in our lives. However, we need to be ready to embrace this Happiness. I did a show with Tom Campbell on the Consciousness of Positivity earlier this month where we discussed how we need to come together in a way that is different from anything we have ever experienced before. We are in unprecedented times – and our lives are forever changed – so as a result we need to embrace the Consciousness of Happiness.

What does this mean or look like? Happiness is a way of looking at the world – happiness is an attitude – a way of processing our reality. Happiness doesn’t come from outside of us. Happiness doesn’t depend on us living in circumstances where we have no financial stress, where everyone is nice to us and everybody agrees with us (which is our ego’s definition of intelligence)! We don’t need that perfect environment – boss loves us, family agrees with us, everyone is smiling and happy; because the environment doesn’t make us happy. We create the environment that makes us happy inside: when we stop being negative; when we face our fears; when we interpret things in positive ways and when we make better choices. We create that happy world for ourselves even in the midst of dysfunction all around us. And we are all happier when we learn to accept that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. We all have to learn: we can’t force anyone to learn or change – we have to let everyone BE who they are right now.

We aren’t magicians who make everyone in our reality become nicer to us and therefore we feel better. No: it’s that we feel better because we stop making requirements on other people to be the way we want them to be! We just let them be who they are! We have compassion for everyone’s struggle and pain so we care – and we love them regardless. We acknowledge their unhappiness – and we can help others grow by caring for them in the midst of all their struggles and by shifting our own perceptions, beliefs, ego and fears. By accepting others – knowing of their struggle and pain – and by supporting them through our acceptance of them regardless of what they are going through and how they are acting out – we actually feel better about ourselves. So even if it’s not magic it IS about our own happiness.

How we interpret and perceive our life has laid the groundwork on how we define our Happiness. If we only focus on the problems – on the Story we continue to play for ourselves and therefore on playing on our fears, egos and beliefs – then we reduce our perceived choices and potential for Happiness. Our Happiness will become dependent on others and so we may become depressed or become otherwise more unhappy because others aren’t changing, that our world is still full of fear and dystopia, that others aren’t caring and loving. We may become angry and even believe that we NEED to be angry in this world that is in pain. And we justify our anger, depression, fear and beliefs because we have become the victim to a cruel world. If we see the world as such a dangerous place then we lay blame and fault outside of us – instead of knowing and acting upon the fact that our Heart, our Compassion, is to Accept and Love the World (ourselves and everyone in it) as it is. That it is exactly where our Acceptance and Love are supposed to be. This doesn’t mean that we don’t make changes where necessary but our living is based in that knowledge that we can only change within. It is ‘within’ where we interpret and perceive our world and we can see our world as full of problems … or we can view it as Growing and Evolving – just as we are.

So – how can we be Happy?

When we get rid of fear, we stop interpreting things negatively. To Grow Up we must face our fears. Every time we are negative (angry, frustrated, depressed, sad etc.) we are adding to the problem. We are blaming or shaming something outside of us and believing we are the victim – or someone else is. We are trying to change, heal, fix, or manipulate our circumstances – or another’s. Whenever we are feeling negative – we are in a state of fear. So let’s examine our fears and accept them and even find a way to embrace them. Find the Gift in why we chose these fears. The fact is that if we have a negative feeling within then we have fear. When we have had a negative experience we chose to perceive it as negative and then we have added it to our story. Once we interpret something as negative and we have thereby chosen to bring fear into life – our life – then the fears become mostly unconscious and we become less aware of the fears that we have chosen to keep or create. Let’s start to recognize when we are feeling negative and decide whether we want our fears to keep us in this pattern. If we decide NO? It’s time to change our beliefs and face our fears.

Changing our perspective makes everything else change. Once we identify our fears we can begin to change our perspective. It is like the Hanged Man in the Tarot: if we examine the card, we will see that although the person is upside down he isn’t stressed. It means that it is time to see things from a different perspective. We have the choice. We can choose to shift our perspective towards a more positive and caring mindset. We always have a choice! If there is one thing that we could understand is that when we feel like we are a victim, or that we are stuck, frustrated, angry, or depressed we can always see things from a different perspective and choose to be positive, Happy and balanced.

Giving and caring – Help others by being nice to them. Love is Giving. This means that Love isn’t about needing or wanting something from someone else or for ourselves. When all else fails, we can always offer to others our Love by giving and caring about what and where they are on their journey. When someone is hurting, in pain, angry it may not be easy to be the focus of their fear but it is acceptable to still be Happy when everyone around us is in fear. We feel so much better when we can BE Giving and Caring with a compassionate Heart. When we Give to others we see the World differently. It transforms us – like Gratitude and Forgiveness. If we give unconditionally then we are offering Love – even when in some cases it may be tough love. Love given freely, without conditions attached to it, helps us Grow Up.

Let’s all take advantage of the transformative celestial energies that are going to be available over the next couple of months – especially mid to end of December this year – and Let Go of the Fear we have been holding onto. Through doing our own work – transforming and accepting our fears – we will change the negative energy that seems to be overwhelming all of us during this pandemic – a time of most challenging energies. So let’s find a way to Give and Care to others. This leads to Happy! We have the tools to BE Happy because Happiness doesn’t come from outside of us – it is a choice – an inner choice. We may not be able to change what is happening outside but we can shift our perspectives so that we can see a more Loving and Caring World. We Choose. We always choose. Let’s Choose Love – together. Happy Holidays!