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Christmas Wish

As I do each year I like to share a message that I have always felt passionate about: ‘the Magic of the Holidays’. These Magical energies are available to us during the Christmas Season – and really at all other times – however they are amplified during the holidays. I want you to imagine a wish this year. If you could have anything what would that be? What would it look like? Feel like? Are you imagining? World Peace or Health, Wealth and Happiness? What would be the biggest dream you could imagine?

What if I told you – “You could have anything your Heart Desires”? You just have to follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Everyone has free will – therefore we can’t wish for something that will influence, change or manipulate another
  • It is about Giving not Receiving
  • Let it come from a place of compassion and your Heart – instead of greed and fear
  • Allow it to come from within instead of outside of us
  • How would it make you feel if you had it?

Everyone has free will. To flow with the energies and Laws of the Universe we shouldn’t interfere with another’s free will. Often we want to change someone else, to make them see that we are ‘right’ or to manipulate them to do or be what we want. Unfortunately this often just shows us that we are coming from a place of fear and Ego – always wanting to be in control and greedy. Fear won’t create the Magic. Unfortunately it also means that all those Love Spells that we covet are, at worst, coming from a place of dark magic as it manipulates someone’s free will who doesn’t love us and, at best, gray magic because it would influence someone or manipulate them to love us even though their the love is already there for us. And so we need to follow the guidelines to create the Magic of the Holidays as this is the way of us creating our Wishes and we must create our Wishes from a place of non-fear and the only changes we can make are within ourselves. Love that respects everyone’s free will allows our Dreams to Manifest. This is our first guideline.

The Magic that exists is more powerful if it comes from a place of Giving instead of Receiving. Our second guideline. Too often we focus on what we want, need or desire or have expectations about because when we give we are expecting that we will receive something back in return. This creates expectations and conditions on what we give. Instead of giving from our Hearts to another we are giving because our Ego is desiring something in return. The true Gift of the Magical Energy available to us – especially at this time of the year – isn’t what we receive or even how our gifts are received by others: it is in the unconditional Love through which we give. So if looking at our Wish let’s Imagine how it can be a Gift to others. If we Dream of Happiness and Love let’s imagine how can we Give this to others. This will support your Wishes as well as follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you will have them do unto you.” (Matt. 7:12). When we Give Love and Happiness unconditionally to others our own Hearts overflow. Then and only then can we truly be open to receiving. Our Wishes radiate out through our Love and Compassion for others. A great guideline and a great way to feel.

Let’s have our Wishes come from this Compassionate place and it will always be about Love over Fear. When we only consider our Wishes from what we want then we are always focusing on what we don’t have and therefore here we are: Wishing from a place of fear of lack and/or greed. When we wish for a relationship – let’s Wish it by Radiating Love; when we wish for money – let’s Wish it by Radiating Love; when we Wish for anything let’s Wish it by Radiating Love because Love is always the answer. When we share our Heart, live with Compassion, and Love unconditionally – and we don’t have expectations – we come from a place of Love. A Wish from Love opens our Heart and Radiates that Love all around us. A great third guideline.

The movie “The Secret” was a powerful movie but unfortunately it misinformed us to search outside ourselves for happiness. Love and Happiness will never last if our Ego wants “more” – a bigger house, more money, more success. When we are seeking something that exists within us by searching outside of us we won’t ever be satisfied. Love and Happiness exist within us. We make the choice on how we experience the world. It may not always feel like a choice at the time but it always is such a choice. And if our Wish is something outside of us it is NOT within our control. Also such a Wish may interfere with someone else’s free will. Yet more importantly: we don’t create from the outside in; we create from the inside out. This is the guideline. We are wise to follow it if we want to avail ourselves of the Magic of the Holiday.

Which brings me to the last point, the last guideline: how will you Feel when your Wish comes true? Like I previously mentioned if your wish is for Love BE Love; if your wish is for more Money or Success BE Love! Love is an inside job; so are Happiness, Joy, Peace and Freedom. If you deeply desire something outside of you – focus on how it will make you feel inside instead of focusing on the outside of having the object, situation or person you want! If you are struggling due to finances – which many do especially during the Holiday Season – then what would that extra money feel like? And can you feel the Love inside when you Imagine that all is right within your world? Most importantly: don’t focus on how it makes you feel to not have enough – which is often where our focus lies. Instead focus on the Freedom, Love or Happiness that your Wish will bring you within. This is the Key! Then Radiate that Love that you Feel within – outside of you. What a Gift this is to you and to those around you. The Universe responds to your Giving and your Giving is based on your Feeling inside: your Feeling of Love, of Happiness, of Knowing that all is as it should be in your world – as you sense your Wish fulfilled.

This is the time, this Magical Holiday Time, to inspire you to Dream BIG and let the Magic Unfold. To Hold Love within your Heart and Radiate this Love outside of you – from within you. To capture some of the Magic for which this message was written and KNOW that your Wish can come true when you are coming from that place of Unconditional Love that exists within you! So what is your Wish? Can you follow these guidelines and Create with the Magic that surrounds you? I invite you to Play, Dance, and Share this Love inside while Opening your Heart to the Magic of the Holiday Season. Happy Holidays from My Heart to Yours!