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Choosing to Deepen Commitment with Self

Last month I looked at Sabotage, this month I want to explore Choices and how we can “choose” to accept and love ourselves. What does deepening your commitment to Self mean to you?

Consciously choosing to love and accept ourselves for who we are is much more challenging than choosing from a place of fear and sabotage. We are full of old patterns and belief systems that are unconscious and judged by society. If we choose to deepen our commitment to Self, we are acknowledging that our Soul’s growth is crucial to our lives. We recognize that we ARE important and worthy of our own love, therefore deserving of others’ love too.

Choosing Us, means we choose love over fear. It means taking some time to get out of our heads and move into our hearts, literally. Fear permeates our society and our unconscious reactions. Examining our reactions helps us establish our patterns and how we unconsciously react versus consciously responding. Choosing love, means being more present and conscious of our actions. Being conscious of our actions means asking our self whether we are trying to be a better person because we want others to like us or because we are in service and are acting out of a place of unconditional love. These are two very different places. One comes from a place of fear and inauthenticity (so we aren’t disliked or judged), while the other is without expectation and from an altruistic place (being authentic and with integrity). We all want to be a “good” person (honorable, honest), yet it is in the expectation of why we do something, that we can establish whether we are truly responding from love or reacting from fear.

When it comes to “deepening our commitment to Self”, we are often coming from a place of fear, worrying if others will like us and accept us as who we are! We are afraid we will be judged as selfish. We sabotage our growth from this place of fear. Coming from a place of love means being committed to honouring our body, our diet, meditating and exercising. It means saying yes when you want to say yes, and no when you want to say NO! It means being conscious of every choice we make or don’t make and why we react to situations and people. It is balancing out our energy so that we are receiving as much as we are giving. And it means giving to ourselves as well as others.

Choosing love, comes from our Heart and the gentle guidance of our Soul. It is expansive and empowering. It opens us to gratitude and unconditional acceptance of who we are.