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Become Clear in 2010

Become Clear in 01/01/2010

As we settle into the New Year, we can be excited about possibilities! We can imagine the joy and passion that is within us and allow that energy to flow into the New Year. This is the energy that we want to use to create this new year, instead of remaining connected into the matrix of fear, that at times, permeates our planet and our lives. Yet, how do we do this? We set intentions for how we would like to take charge of our life.

  1. Set your intentions of what 2010 will look like for you. Choose some qualities that represent your soul’s desires, the unique qualities that your soul wants to radiate in your life. Examples would be love, joy, passion, compassion, peace, integrity, authenticity and caring. You have qualities that resonate within you, that are from your soul’s imprint. Discover what they are.
  2. Find a way to embrace and emanate them from within you. Once you establish what these qualities are, become them. They may change as you begin to work with the energies. For example love may be what you first think about. As you work with love, you may discover that the quality resonates from a different place, such as one of joy or passion. So, play with these qualities until you can uncover or remember what resonates within your soul. These were natural to you as a child. Then bring them into your heart and let them permeate every cell of your body. Become these qualities.
  3. Practice becoming conscious of how you are living your life. When you are out of alignment with your soul’s desire you will feel it. You can shift your attention back towards emanating these qualities or you can uncover the hidden gems that are being mirrored back to you, to allow healing to take place. Our ego will always try to protect you by showing you how you are out of alignment with your soul. Once you uncover all the triggers and fears that block your soul’s essence, you are on our way to being in charge of your life. You may never be in control, but you can be in charge of how you respond to your life. Heal and then you can live our soul’s contract.

My Wish for you this 2010, would be to be in alignment with your Soul’s Desires and to allow Love and Joy to be your guides to creating the life you desire.