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Alicia Isaacs Howes 23/01/13 Your Soul Story

yoursoulstoryAlicia Isaacs Howes, founder of Your Soul Story and international soul connection expert, has explored thousands of Soul Stories with people all over the world for more than a decade.
She is a former global management consultant from London, England who specialised in business process improvement and IT training. Her health crisis 14 years ago led to not only her own healing but a whole new way of looking at life as a healer, intuitive coach and teacher. Exploring the Soul Story Records is the most profound and effective method of healing that she has yet encountered and she is passionate about sharing this tool with others.
aliciaWith her intuitive insight, caring approach and powerful guidance, she empowers her clients to start, expand and end all kinds of chapters in their lives. She focuses on helping her clients connect to their authentic self – the author of their story – and let go of all the stuff that stifles their joy. Alicia sees her clients’ potential and shines that back to them with love, light and often shared laughter too.
Alicia loves to connect with people through private sessions, classes, speaing events and interviews. As an audience member on Oprah with Laura Day (Practical Intuition) in 1996, her own intuitive gifts were revealed on global television. Now that’s another interesting story!
To learn more about how Alicia can help you to not just grow but flourish, go to She waves to her friends on and shares with her tweethearts at @YourSoulStory.