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Abundance Project 13/01/11 2011


The holistic health field should be thriving by now.
With consumer consciousness rising, the proven power of alternative health and healing modalities, and the apparent flaws in the medical system, a successful holistic practice should not be as rare as it is today. But that is the reality we live in. Over 80% of holistic practitioners struggle to make ends meet.
Why? First, practitioners are schooled in the art and science of healing, yet are never given the business development tools necessary to create a healthy practice. We call this gap in knowledge the HOLISTIC GAP, and it’s a serious problem in need of remedy.
Second, people over-complicate business development. The fact is, attracting and retaining a steady stream of clients is simple – in theory anyway. Most of us already know what it requires. But in practice, business development is difficult. That’s because human beings are fallible creatures with a whole range of resistances toward shamelessly sharing their joy with the world, and asking for financial value in return.
To overcome those problems, practitioners must be willing to invest significant time, energy, and discipline. For those practitioners willing to do that, the rewards are great.
We hope this workshop will change the way you look at your practice, and give you the insights necessary to contribute to becoming a more cohesive, functioning community.
Their first Workshop is January 23, 2011 at The Inner Garden. In Toronto! Join Us.