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A Year in the Life…

What no one expected: a Year of disruption, isolation, Lockdown and a New Normal. March 13th 2020 was the day in Canada that we had our first indication that things were going to get messy – school was not going to resume after the March Break – a week-long break that was beginning the next day. School didn’t resume again for the school year. Then we had the dreaded 2nd wave that blew all our stats and we’ve been trying to flatten the curve ever since. We are still in a lockdown until at least March 8th, 2021 – the same week we experienced our first lockdown one year prior. It is time we Moved Forward from the Not Normal that started in 2020 – but how do we do that?

We all have stories; people who contracted the disease, those who passed from it and all the problems the lockdowns have created from mental health issues to severe financial loss and for some: not receiving the critical medical treatments they needed. After a year in the Life of COVID-19 people are getting anxious and ready to move forward. After an interview with Tom Campbell I was able to come up with how to do this while still within a lockdown.

Move Forward with Positivity

The first step is to move forward with Positivity. This means that we have to STOP watching the news and getting the negative Media Sources that share conspiracy theories and doom and gloom information. It is time for us to unplug! Stop reading all the posts from so called experts on all things conspiracy – vaccines, inaccurate numbers and deaths etc. Stop fueling your fears. Find positive posts that make you laugh like cat videos. Begin to trust your own intuition and do research within your own community, with those you trust.

Taking a break from all Media is sometimes challenging; but when you consider what it is doing to our mental health, our stress levels – it becomes apparent that our Media outlets are fear mongering. Stress kills us and we have been living with it for a long time. This past year it has just been overwhelming and senses have been heightened and this fear/stress that has been with us so predominantly since a year ago has also been sneaking into our unconscious thoughts for decades. And it has culminated into a very big ‘thing’ at this point. Everything has become super-imposed upon us and often we don’t even realize it. And in all that gets super-imposed on us, it is fear and stress that have built to a kind of crescendo at this time. Fear is so much more intriguing to media – because ‘fear’ draws human attention – and this is natural because fear makes us alert as we look for ways to survive amidst something fearful. And media that tells us what we should fear also, as a result, controls us and therefore makes us do, say and think as we are afraid that we won’t get the story of how to live through whatever we are afraid of – and so we continue to tune in to the media – our salvation. So media has no incentive to be other than negative. But OUR incentive should be to see through the negative and find the positive.

Positivity is not seeing the world through rose colored glasses but through Acceptance and Love. Acceptance doesn’t mean we like everything that is happening, it just means we no longer fight it. The media enjoy those who fight what the media offers … the fighters just add to the negative, fear-invoking story. Perfect, or so the media seems to say. Instead, I am suggesting that we Let Go of our need for controlling everything and Accept that this is where we are – and Accept it with a sense of Peace and Love.

Make Choices that aren’t fueled by Fear

Once we can unplug and take a break – and not just a school March break – we can begin to make Choices that aren’t fueled by fear. And we are here to make choices. That is part of our purpose for Being here because it is only through our choices that we can grow and learn. Often we don’t even realize that our choices are fueled by fear and that we often feel that we don’t have any choices to make – because we feel that our circumstances have been forced upon us – similar to the Lockdown measures that we have been under for the past year. The thing is though: we always have a choice! Even when the choice we make is to view our circumstances from a different perspective.

So instead of feeling out of control and having our situations forced upon us we can Let Go of our ‘needs’ – our Ego’s demand for justice and what we believe is an infraction of our Human Rights. We Breathe – we have control over that, if you need control over something – and in our breathing we can shift our focus to the ‘needs’ of others and what is best for our Planet. We shift our Perspective to that of Kindness and an Openness of Consciousness – knowing that we can choose to Accept and Embrace Love over Fear; knowing that instead of fighting change we can welcome the opportunity to just BE within the chaos. Our choice is how we perceive our inner world – not what is happening in our outer world. We choose to see through our inner eyes of Acceptance that all is exactly as it is meant to BE!

Take Responsibility for your Choices

Taking Responsibility for our Choices is the next step. You see it doesn’t actually matter what choice we make. We could choose fear and make fearful choices and hurt people unconsciously and as long as we learn from it – because we continue to evolve. Taking responsibility means we Accept the choices we have made and Move Forward anyway. If a choice is made that results in our death or someone else’s it doesn’t mean we were wrong – it means that we will continue our Evolution towards Love in the next life – or those lives beyond this one. Source/God/Larger Consciousness System doesn’t care that we may have made a choice that hurts ourself or others – it doesn’t judge us for being manipulated by fear – it just means we will continue on until we can Accept our Choices and make choices that are filled with Love.

Taking responsibility for your choices mean you Move Forward and if you don’t like the choices you make – instead of beating yourself up because of it and instead of doubting your decisions – you can just Let Go of the outcome and learn from your choice. We are here to Learn and Grow our Consciousness – not to be perfect. This world isn’t about BEing perfect – it is about our Growth. Accept whatever choices you make and Move Forward. Ultimately if you want to make real changes in your life and evolution – you make choices not from the little you and what the little you needs – but you make choices to serve the Greater needs of the planet and community. Our ‘needs’ keep us limited and in fear. Taking responsibility means we Accept Who we are and what choices we have made so we can make more choices. And hopefully our choices come from a place of Love or at least that is our motivation – to BE LOVE!

This Year in the Life of our lives is just that – a year. Yes, it has been unprecedented and for most challenging, but basically it is just one year of many. We will move forward and change as that is the only thing that is constant – change! We can do so with Grace, Love and Acceptance or we can go down fighting and believing all the fear that is forcing us into a life we have no control over. We can Choose to perceive the world we live in differently, positively … or we can continue seeing it through the lens of fear. Personally, I know that my life, through all of the challenges a small business may incur through a lockdown that has taken a year of business, is a Blessing to me and I’m grateful for the time I’ve taken to Learn, Write and even Hibernate this year. I’ve made choices that haven’t helped me, like when I chose to literally Stay at home where I didn’t move except for getting groceries and essential services and as a result of those choices my health deteriorated. But I took responsibility for this and for the past seven months I have worked to reverse the self-imposed damage – due to my Choices – and as a result of choosing to improve my health through healthy choices: I’m now feeling even better than I did before the world changed. So let’s find ways to Accept where you are and make changes where necessary and Move Forward. From my Heart to yours ♥

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