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A Heart’s Way ~ Uncover how limiting beliefs, habits, and stories hold us back

What limiting beliefs, habits and stories do you have? Our stories center around our relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and/or bosses. We hold certain stuck emotions from our childhood that limit us from creating the life we desire, and keep us in our “head”, choosing fear over our hearts and love.

Our family and friends are where our earliest patterns develop, and they create the beliefs, habits and stories that shape the ways we live our lives. For example, my “story” has to do with abandonment, and my relationships and other situations in my life, seem to reflect different aspects of this story.

Our stories impact all of our relationships. They even effect situations that appear, on the outside, to be unrelated. These “unrelated” situations, however, elicit the same emotions we experienced as children.

This can impact our intimate relationships in one situation and later in situations with money or career. No matter what area of our life is affected, however, what comes up are the same core stories.

We need to become aware of the stories we tell ourselves. What we usually do, is make ourselves feel “better” by convincing ourselves that we are a victim or victor. However, we are just distracting our awareness from our uncomfortable emotions by convincing ourselves that someone or some situation is causing this to us.

Identifying cause versus effect can only happen when we recognize the patterns that follow us from childhood into adulthood. When we notice this pattern, we can choose to respond to the particular situation and person instead of going into an unconscious reaction.

We need to rewrite our story, and as author Mark Borax says, changing our story is the single most powerful way to change the world. Certainly, it is how we think, live and be in the world, as individuals, which shifts the consciousness of the world on the whole. By discovering the hidden magic in our lives, we can shift our stories.

So, what story have you been telling yourself? How has it been playing out in your life? What is the story your heart would rather experience? Change it at the causal level, the stories that our perceptions of our life has been playing. Become aware of the perceptions that you have told yourself were true and that you believe have happened to you. Change this underlying story and then watch the magic unfold.