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A Heart’s Way ~ Shift from the Head to the Heart

I would like to invite you to begin to shift from your head to your heart. We are predominantly in our heads most of the time, reflecting the past, and projecting into the future.
We distract ourselves with an array of “doings”, from trying to understand ourselves better, to trying to change ourselves, to trying to fix or heal ourselves. However, through this we are still trying to “do” something, which means we are in our heads. I want to encourage you to experience another way. In moving from your heads and forever doing something, to dropping in your hearts where we can be! Moving from our heads to our bodies, and ultimately our heart, means we are not “doing” but being. We can then respond to situations and people by being loving (for ourselves or others) instead of reacting unconsciously from fear, because we are in our heads and not in the present moment.

The first part of this process is to learn acceptance. Instead of trying to Do something, we can learn to “be”, which means that we learn to accept our circumstances instead of resisting them. Accept ourselves for who we are, and let that inner Being shine through. The wounded aspect of ourselves, has been misguided through our unconscious belief system. Feeling into our heart allows us to accept all areas of our lives, and to embrace the difficult along with the uniqueness that is YOU. This requires a surrender into your heart; knowing that you are Divinely Perfect.

Since we love conditionally, we seem to make judgments on everything. Our minds are always in competition to be loved. Therefore, we judge whether someone is superior or inferior to us. We judge those areas we want to be accepted within ourselves. We need to discover a way to accept everyone, including ourselves, without expectations and judgment. This is only something you can do when you are present and in the flow of being; in your heart. Our heads don’t know how to live without making a judgment.

Lastly, we need to come from a place of witness consciousness, which means being fully present in the here and now. When we are in our heads, we cannot be present. In our heads we are reliving the past or worrying about the future. Our bodies and ultimately our hearts are where we can observe life, end judgments and embrace acceptance of our lives. We are perfect and imperfect, because we are human and creating our conscious Being. From shifting from our heads to our hearts we can find the way to hear the gentle guidance of our Soul.