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A Heart’s Way ~ Getting Clear about what we Want

In these times of uncertainty and confusion, we are often unclear about what we want. We are, on the other hand, usually very clear about what we don’t want.
From the abusive or emotionally unavailable partner, the unfulfilling career or our looming debt. The problem with this is that whatever we focus on, we attract more of into our lives. However, in order to find our path to our heart, so we can align with our Soul’s Purpose and hear its gentle guidance, we need to set clearer intentions and know what we want in our lives.

Main areas of focus:

  1. Relationships are an area where we often think about all the problems within current relationships or in past ones, hoping that we will not recreate our mistakes. However, as we focus on that abusive relationship or emotionally unavailable partner, we tend to continue our patterns instead of creating the healthy relationship we desire.
  2. Health areas are very challenging because, often, it isn’t until there is a problem that we realize how much energy we have been spending worrying about something, which could often be unrelated to illness. It is the stress of this worry, however, that creates dis-ease. Then, once we have a diagnosis, physical pain or excess weight, the ability to focus on a healthy body is even more challenging.
  3. Career issues are most often with the relationships within our work environment. While, these days, we are all being asked to consider what truly makes us happy and our hearts sing, instead, much of our attention is focused on the conflicts between co-workers and the silly gossip that takes place in our work environments. With all of that, we barely have time to consider our passions.
  4. Money issues have been in the center of our minds for the past year and a half, as the collective unconscious has been reacting to this financial crisis that doesn’t appear to be quickly getting better. We look at our debt and our bills and we worry about them each month. Survival issues make it extraordinarily difficult to focus on freedom and prosperity.

Look at these areas in your life and create a list of all the things you don’t want. From that list, decide what you do want. Look at the beliefs, fears, thoughts, expectations and anxieties that you continue to hold in these areas. Set your intentions to yourself and the Universe of what you really want.