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2012 Year of Choices

In 2011, I learned to surrender control, ask for help, lost dear friends, made some new ones, reconnected with old ones and began to accept who I am. I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and saddened by the reflection on how some lessons manifested.

2012 is the year of much controversy and for some, in the spiritual community, it is the HOPE we have been waiting for. However, I’ve learned that “waiting” doesn’t create opportunities! We are all afraid of change, yet that change is what we all desire. Although, it seems it is only desirable if we can control and make it fit into the box we want and need it to look like. Example: we want more money or income, yet we often limit how our income is manifested, by wishing for more clients, hoping for a raise or playing the lottery. Instead of expanding our business or being open to other opportunities that may allow the income we desire. Or for some, reviewing what we need the money for, or if it is truly necessary at all.

I’ve come to a major shift around my intentions and setting New Year’s Resolutions this year. I have begun to look at all the reasons for my desires, both conscious and unconscious. I have also begun to examine why I want to do what I do. I want to be able to accept my life exact as it is, instead of nurturing or discouraging my ego. Looking instead at the services that express my uniqueness and my intrinsic nature. What I can offer others through my skills, values and qualities. So, instead of looking at what I want, I’m looking at what I can offer and give others.

Let’s create a 2012 that expresses love and grace, through the choices we make. We may not choose the things that happen in our lives; however, we can choose how we respond to them. We can choose to be authentic and real, instead of reacting from a place of fear. We can choose to accept the things that happen, as simply events that ‘happen’. We can choose what will bring us peace and be the loving thing to do, for ourselves and others. We can choose to love and accept ourselves right now. This doesn’t mean we can’t make changes that are necessary, however, it may allow us to be more gentle while making these changes. And we can choose to surrender to 2012 with Grace and Gentleness. What kind of year would you like to create in 2012?