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2011 Choices

Happy New Year 2011!

As I sit down to write this, it is New Years Eve, it is lightly raining and 10 degrees Celcius. 2010 has been an interesting year!
As I ponder on 2011, I am getting that it can be an easier year for many. The energies are still amping up, we are still heading towards great upheaval… yet, what comes is ease and grace.

My heart speaks of making choices! I am reminded over and over again, about the choices we make. What I find so fascinating is that there are only 2 choices to make. To react, from our outdated patterns and habits, that are unconscious and come from a place of fear. Or to listen to the gentle guidance of our hearts. To find a “still place within” before making any choices. To ask ourselves, are we choosing from a place of fear or love? To be present or show up in your own life.

It sounds so simple! Yet, every moment we get caught up in the challenges of our “everyday” lives. We have the deep need to be in “control” of our lives. And, being someone who has a very strong mind and intellect, I am one who knows this “need” better than many.

The best we can hope for is to be in “charge” of our emotional responses to what is happening around us in each moment. To be able to ask ourselves, “How can we choose to come from a place of Love instead of Fear? How can we respond from a place of Love?”

Then I am brought back to my heart saying it is a year of ease and grace. How do we surrender into this year? Make choices from a place of love? Expand our hearts to feel the ease and grace that surrounds each and every one of us?

I believe it comes from acknowledging and accepting our lives as they are right now. Knowing where we want them to go in the future. Finding a way of Honouring ourselves, of being gentle with ourselves and for the incredible journey we have undertaken in this life.

The world is coming to the end of a cycle. We had to fall into separation before finding wholeness. We have had to hit bottom before discovering a way to make a deeper connection. Not only with ourselves and with Source, but also with our planet and all the inhabitants on our planet.

So, find YOUR way to have “ease and grace” in 2011, through making choices that honour ourselves and that come from a place of Love instead of Fear. Let’s make 2011 a year to remember. Let’s all come together, out of our separation, into wholeness.

With Great Love for all you have already accomplished. Remember!