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Stephen D’Amico 27/05/10 Author of Heaven on Earth and discussion on Enlightenment

Stephen D’Amico is a contemporary spiritual teacher who underwent a life changing experience at age 22 that culminated, within a few minutes, in his permanent awakening. He spent the next 10 years integrating all the dimensions of this transformation while preparing to teach. Then, responding to the inner calling, he began to offer teachings on the process of spiritual awakening and the evolutionary destiny of humanity.

Stephen D’Amico is the founder of The Global Awakening Initiative, a movement dedicated to assisting the shift into global consciousness. He is also the author of Heaven On Earth: A Guide to Enlightenment & Human Unity and the upcoming autobiographical book, Tracing Back the Witness: A Personal Account of a Life Transformed by Enlightenment, available soon. For more information, contact Stephen D’Amico at (647) 885-7048 or [email protected] , or visit: