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Mikael Meir Co-host Nov 11-Nov 12

As a former entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Mikael Meir figured out the outer gameof success early in life. He created an 8 figure net worth before the age of 35, and was running a billion dollar investment management company before the age of 40. His fatal blind spot was not attending to his inner world, and so his outer world destructed, ultimately culminating in a prison sentence.

In the wake of that episode, Mikael went on a transformative inner journey finding his own truth, as well as integrating deep truths in the fields of neuropsychology, quantum physics, metaphysics and eastern spiritual wisdom.

In line with his core purpose, Mikael Meir works as a transformational coach focused on helping heart-centered entrepreneurs and individuals align their inner (“being”) and outer (“doing”) worlds, make peace with themselves, and cultivate the clarity, open heartedness, and fearlessness necessary to create fulfilling and inspiring lives.

His website is, and he can be reached at .

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